Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano describes himself as a musician, vegan, troublemaker, health nut, radio host, b/vlogger, and indie music spelunker from the great state of Connecticut. Fantano has an affinity for music and reviewing new music on his YouTube channel, which has over 100,000 subscribers and 25 million views. He hosts a weekly radio show called The Needle Drop on WNPR that airs in Connecticut, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Idaho. He calls his followers “needle drops” and has a massive collection of albums. His ultimate goal is to grow The Needle Drop into one of the most “reputable music reviewing outlets on the internet.” Since his childhood, Fantano has had an infatuation with cartoons and animation, which contributed to his ever-developing passion for music and playing the bass guitar. In college he played in a drone metal duo in the vein of SunnO))) and Earth, called Taiga ( Fantano claims to be “the Internet’s busiest music nerd” -his tagline for The Needle Drop. He is devoted to his fans who watch and listen, and joins us in the CPBN Media Lab for this exclusive interview with intern Jonathan Scranton.



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June 8, 2017
Feeling a strong 7 to a light 8. Trans-
ition! Did you give this article a read? Did you love it, did you hate it? What'd you rate it? You're the best, you're the best! Anthony Fantano. Anthony Fantano. Forever!


September 20, 2016
edited over 4 years ago
Can't stand him. All he does is TALK, TALK, TALK. So goddamn boring. He reviews whatever is trendy and new and panders to the mainstream. Even worse is his "Classic Album" reviews where he reviews whatever old albums sold millions of copies. People should make up their own minds.