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Angel Marcloid (formerly Justin Marc Lloyd), is a non-binary musical artist/producer and mixing/mastering engineer (as Angel Hair Audio) from Baltimore, MD, currently living outside of Chicago, IL, USA. She ran the cassette-based basement label Rainbow Bridge from 2008 to 2016. She started the net label Swamp Circle in 2012, and it became relatively inactive in 2018. She has been recording and releasing various styles of music since the early 90s, such as experimental/noise, new age, jazz fusion, prog, industrial, power electronics, synthwave, first and second-wave emo/screamo, grindcore, powerviolence, ambient/drone, acoustic singer-songwriter, vaporwave/plunderphonics, black and death metal, and more. , , Bandcamp , X , X
Aliases:␍◥☳ ⏨⍳⏨⎹⎹⍲⍝↸⏨♨♸ ☃⑆, 229, Angel Hair Audio, Angelia Marcloid, Angelwings Marmalade, Apk ♀ ᴎᴇᴛ ☯ LtdFAX, Copkiller (2), Dementia And Hope Trails, Dim Dusk Moving Gloom, DJ Eyebrow Ring, False Flag, Filter-Zoo, Fire-Toolz, Inappropriate King Live, J. Marcloid, Jelly Moonlit Light, Justin Marc Lloyd, Marc Spore, Maxresdefault, MindSpring Memories
In Groups:A Perfect Kiss, Age Sixteen, Anime Love Hotel, Batcomputer, Dry Bath, Futanari, Lilu Dallas, New Years, Noga Vespereen Tempistor, OK Putrid, Pansori, Peer Group (2), Pregnant Bed, Regospore, Silver Spore, Surf Nazis On Ecstasy, Water Bullet, Widow's Bath
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