Thijs Van Leer

Real Name:Thijs van Leer

Thijs van Leer (pronounced: /tɛis vɑn leːr/; born 31 March 1948) is a Dutch musician, singer, songwriter, composer, and producer, best known as the founding member of the rock band Focus as its primary vocalist, keyboardist, and flautist. Born and raised in Amsterdam among a musical family, van Leer took up the piano and flute as a child and pursued them at university and music academies.

Father of Bella van Leer, Banten van Leer, Berenice van Leer, Eva van Leer, and Ruben van Leer. Former husband of Roselie van Leer and Thea van der Kaay. Presently van Leer lives in Lathum, the Netherlands, with his third wife, Annelies Lommen..

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In Groups:Combo Thijs Van Leer, Focus (2), Focus And Friends, Pedal Point, Thijs van Leer & Band, Thijs Van Leer & Family, Thijs Van Leer Conxi, Thomas Blug Band, Trio Thijs Van Leer
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