John Askew as reviewed by mrgavinw

December 20, 2014
John Askew is a legend with a penchant for rocking Techno and bacon.
Ashburton Crew

John Askew ecclefechan

February 6, 2014
I have never heard anything from this guy that's even remotely worth listening to. His early stuff is unoriginal fluff with a PvD rip off kickdrum and flat uninspired production values. His later stuff doesn't sound so much wannabe PvD but it's still generic and cheap sounding. He even collaborated with John O'Callaghan, who is at the bottom of my list for "Trance" producers today.

However, what annoys me most about this Askew is that he appears to have a superiority complex and thinks he's above others. I couldn't believe that garbage he wrote about Avicii. Not only was it not funny in the slightest, but when your credibility is as low as John Askew, I'm afraid you have no business writing negative comments about anyone else. I'm not a fan of Avicii or any commercial dance music but it serves its purpose, unlike John Askew who makes cheap imitations of much, much better musicians.

John Askew janesim

April 17, 2016
What a ridiculous comment and why so much hatred?? Why spend time criticising the people you hate for no justifiable reason and spend more time giving credit to those you do enjoy listening to? 😡

John Askew as reviewed by Srbine

December 4, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
John Askew is one of the biggest Dj in the UK. he always gives 100% in his sets and productions. Askew have been in this scene since early 90s but became big after his 12" Vellum. Since then John has made top quality 12"s and many of the big djs like Paul van dyk,Armin van buuren has played many of Johns tracks. John has also made an artist album 2005 that many of his fans have waited for many years. Johns dj style is everything from trance to techno and even som Psy trance and funkier stuff to. John is one of the biggest today in UK and maybe also in the world ..