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Real Name:
Sebastian Hoff
Sebastian Hoff was born on April 12 1976 and started DJ-ing in 1992. Because he didn’t had an resident club, he organized his own events in local clubs. Because of this he came in contact with well-known names in the hardcore scene.

At the age of 19, Sebastian produced his first track under the alias Section-8 together with The Prophet which became a hit thanks to the release on Thunderdome IX - The Revenge Of The Mummy. His success continued when he produced a remix of the song No Doubts Don't Speak, which he called "Shut Up!" which was released on the same record as his remix of Underworlds Born Slippy called "Born Whappie!" Shut Up! / Born Whappie!.

Although it was a success, he didn't liked the style. The 'hardcore sound' of the mid-90’s was too happy, and he missed the strong, and raw sound, which was (in his opinion) the true way that hardcore should sound. In 1996 Sebastian, already known as the famous Promo, was contracted by ID&T. At ID&T Sebastian produced over 80 tracks, but his strong, and more raw sound was loved by the hardcore-fans.
In 2000, he decided to leave ID&T so he had more freedom in doing what he really wanted to do.... experimenting with the sound of hardcore, without the limits of the record-company. Together with his colleague of ID&T, DJ X-Ess and Catscan they started The Third Movement. This was big a step forward into the direction he wanted to go. His first release (Running Against The Rules) on his own new label look like statements against ID&T.
Because DJ X-Ess and Catscan left The Third Movement 2004 to start there own label, Promo became the only man-in-charge left of The Third Movement.
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