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Alex Gibson is an American musician, engineer and producer from Los Angeles, California. He has been a music editor for films since 1992, won an Academy Award in 2018 for sound editing on the film "Dunkirk".
For music credits since 1998, please see Alex Gibson (2).
He started his career back in 1978 in a punk band called "Little Cripples" (together with Michael Gira). When Gira headed to New York, the remaining band members formed Bpeople. BPeople split in 1981 after which Gibson focused on his solo career, eventually ending up working on Penelope Spheeris' film Suburbia in 1983, and founding another band, Passionnel, which lasted until 1986. , , Imdb , , All Music
In Groups:45 Grave, Bpeople, Passionnel
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