Alfie Davison

Singer, songwriter, Alfie Davison, passed away on Easter Sunday, April 13th, 2014, after various medical complications. Davison was widely known, particularly in the U.K., for his songwriting achievements, namely the 1978 "pop / r&b" smash recording and song,
"Who's Gonna Love Me", recorded by The Imperials, which reached number 5 on the
Music World pop charts. He went on as both singer and songwriter of the 1980
"Northern Soul" classic, "Love Is Serious Business".
In more recent times his "disco" song contribution, "Put Yourself In My Place" by TJM, was remixed by the "legendary", Tom Moulton, on Tom's 2011 CD album, "Philly ReGrooved 2", as well as two other recent previous appearances, on the 2011 "TJM" CD compilation, on Big Break Records, and an even earlier remix by Woody Bianchi on D-Vision in Italy.
Producer and longtime friend, Reid Whitelaw, said that Alfie Davison was the most warmest, caring, gentle, and loving souls he ever knew.

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