Tullia Benedicta

Tullia Benedicta

Real Name:Tullia Benedicta D'Aquino Canestraro

Italian singer-songwriter and producer, was in the post-rock/shoe gaze band Grace.

Tullia Benedicta D'Aquino Canestraro (born 5 April 1990) is an Italian singer-songwriter and producer, originally from Ravenna, now based in London.

In 2012, whilst studying digital design, Tullia formed the post-rock/shoe-gaze band, Grace, one of whose primary influences was the cult Anglo-French London band, Piano Magic. It was following Piano Magic's concert in Ravenna in 2012, that Tullia first met frontman Glen Johnson and after the dissolution of Grace in 2013, she moved to London, quickly contacting Glen for his thoughts on her new solo music. After less than a year in the metropolis, her debut album, 'Anteros' was born and now sees the light of day on Johnson's own Second Language Music label.

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