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Benjamin Pebley, Bonnie Pebley
FROM BLUEPRINTS TO BUILDINGS: A TIMELINE OF THE REVOLUTION | by ben.p. [member 0] and bonnie.p. [member 1] |

2000: Around a decade ago, Revolution State was conceived. During these beginnings, we were building the basic framework for what was to come, and what was to come was something even we could not predict. We started from scratch, and we have maintained that as part of our philosophy; always writing our songs from rhythms and sounds we make ourselves.

2003: We contributed two songs to the Velvet Acid Christ album Hex Angel: Utopia Dystopia: "Misery", and "Eva". The tracks were well received by fans and critics alike, and even praised "Eva", calling it "a quasi-instrumental minimalist piece that is evocative of Coil's Musick to Play in the Dark that shows a softer, almost ambient, side to VAC." These VAC tracks, as well as the tracks written by us up to this point, built a sturdy foundation for the Revolution State sound: a blend of beautiful electronics and harsh dissonant elements that generate a unique and varied experience for each listener.

2005: It was the year that started it all, one could say. After experimenting with our live act Noizekatt, we decided to release an LP, but which band would it be for? After some long nights, with lots of beer and cider, we decide to release a split EP called Revolution State Vs. Noizekatt. The self titled CD came out on our own label Red Dwarf Studio (now a sub label of Vendetta Music), and was released at our second live show on July 15th, 2005. We were now building upon the foundation that we set in 2003.

2006: This also proved to be a good year for us. In June 2006 the Revolution State track "Deny" had an appearance on the compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks 2. In August of 2006, Revolution State contributed two amazing remixes to Velvet Acid Christ's "Wound" single: "Wound (Legacy of the Revolution)", and "Ghost Regen (Fractured Coils Version)". "Wound" ranked on the Deutsch Alternative Chart's singles chart for seven weeks and held the #1 position for four weeks. In October 2006 Revolution State contributed an ethereal dance remix of the song "Demon Breeder" to Neikka RPM's album The Rise of the Thirteenth Serpent.

2007: Both Revolution State and Noizekatt signed with the Vendetta Music label, and our first release, the Revolution State vs. Noizekatt split EP, officially became part of the Vendetta Music catalogue.

2009: While working on the new LP, we have completed what could be considered an entire portfolio of remixes for other bands, which include: Brain Leisure, Experiment Haywire, Necrotek (as Noizekatt), De_Tot_Cor, Dead Turns Alive, W.A.S.T.E., Minerve, Ambassador 21, and Organic Cage. Each remix has proven to be as different as then next, and each one has displayed a new facet of the versatile and incomparable sound that can only be described as Revolution State.

2011: For the past five years, RevState has been writing, singing, producing, engineering, painting, dreaming, and tweaking all those knobs in Red Dwarf Studio, with a plan to complete a brand new 13 track LP. Finally, Viridian Resonance is here: analogue laden electronoize that steps across the barriers of genre and sound, bringing you to a place where advanced technology, vintage musical equipment, and the philosophies of the now disbanded Viridian Design Movement will be used to help save this ebbing azure star we call the earth, and provide one hell of a soundtrack to accomplish it to.

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RD001, RED:RD001 Revolution State - Revolution State vs. Noizekatt album art Revolution State vs. Noizekatt Revolution State vs. Noizekatt - Revolution State vs. Noizekatt(CD, Album) Red Dwarf Studio, Vendetta Music RD001, RED:RD001 US 2005 Sell This Version
Revolution State - Viridian Resonance album art Revolution State Viridian Resonance (Album) Vendetta Music US 2011 Sell This Version

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