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Real Name:Molly Bancroft

Molly Bancroft was born in Portland, OR, and grew up with a musical family in Traverse City, MI. Molly's life in music started as a jazz sax player and morphed into a rock singer/songwriter after she moved to Boston in the early '90s. Molly released her first 7" single (T/K Records) in 1992 under band name LIFT, produced by Andy Hong.

She moved to Atlanta to re-form LIFT as a quartet, signed to Daemon Records and touring with the Indigo Girls. In 2000 LIFT asked Murray Attaway to help produce their final album "September EP". LIFT showcased for labels and recorded jingles for Coca Cola and toured around the US.

Molly left the band she started in 2002 to create a solo album which she produced. That CD "Get Closer" was released in 2003, songs were licensed to various TV/Film outlets.

During this time, Molly played many solo shows opening for artists such as: Angie Aparo, Marshall Crenshaw, Jonatha Brooke and Lori Carson. Producing other artists and collaborating with DJs Gabriel and Dresden, the single "Tracking Treasure Down" went to #1 on the Billboard Hot Club Charts. Over the summer of 2005, Molly began recording a new EP of her own, Red Dirt Diaries, which was self- released in 2006. It features drummer Simone Simonton (Lift, Sugarland) and was recorded by Chris Bishop in Athens, GA. Molly has released other eclectic EP's including Antelopia (2010), Losing Control (2015), and dis-til-la-tion (2022).

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