Massimo Savić

Real Name:
Massimo Savić
Yugoslavian (Croatian) pop music singer, born June 06, 1962 in Pula, Croatia.

He started as a lead vocal of local art-rock band ''Dorian Gray'' (1982-1986), which included nationwide success of 1983 major hit melody cover of ''The Walker Brothers'' 1965 song. Has become unique 5-times holder of national ''Porin'' Music Awards for Best Male Vocal Performance. Also a guitar player.
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LSY-63273, LSY 63273 Massimo Savić - Stranac U Noći album art Massimo* Stranac U Noći (Album) Jugoton, Jugoton LSY-63273, LSY 63273 Yugoslavia 1987 Sell This Version
CAY 2096 Massimo Savić - Riječi Čarobne album art Massimo* Riječi Čarobne (Album) Jugoton CAY 2096 Yugoslavia 1988 Sell This Version
LSY-63321 Massimo Savić - Muzika Za Tebe album art Massimo* Muzika Za Tebe (Album) Jugoton LSY-63321 Yugoslavia 1989 Sell This Version
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CD 99-05 Massimo Savić - Apsolutno Uživo Klub Aquarius album art Massimo* Apsolutno Uživo Klub Aquarius(CD, Album, Copy Prot., Dig) Aquarius Records (2) CD 99-05 Croatia 2005 Sell This Version
CD 121-06 Massimo Savić - Vještina II album art Massimo* Vještina II (Album) Aquarius Records (2) CD 121-06 Croatia 2006 Sell This Version
CD 201-08 Massimo Savić - Sunce Se Ponovo Rađa album art Massimo* Sunce Se Ponovo Rađa (Album) Aquarius Records (2) CD 201-08 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2008 Sell This Version
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CD 435-12 Massimo Savić - Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb 14./15. Veljače 2012. album art Massimo* Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb 14./15. Veljače 2012.(CD, MiniAlbum) Aquarius Records (2) CD 435-12 Croatia 2012 Sell This Version
CD 474-13 Massimo Savić - Live@Tvornica album art Massimo* [email protected](CD, Album) Aquarius Records (2) CD 474-13 Croatia 2013 Sell This Version
CD 499-14 Massimo Savić - Massimo Live Arena Pula album art Massimo* Massimo Live Arena Pula(CD, Album, car) Aquarius Records (2) CD 499-14 Croatia 2014 Sell This Version
CD 550-15 Massimo Savić - 1 Dan Ljubavi album art Massimo* 1 Dan Ljubavi (Album) Aquarius Records (2) CD 550-15 Croatia 2015 Sell This Version
CD 585-17 Massimo Savić - Isti Osjećaj album art Massimo* & Zagrebački Solisti Massimo* & Zagrebački Solisti - Isti Osjećaj(CD, Album) Aquarius Records (2) CD 585-17 Croatia 2017 Sell This Version
CD 625-18 Massimo Savić - Sada album art Massimo* Sada (Album) Aquarius Records (2) CD 625-18 Croatia 2018 Sell This Version
LP 19-20 Massimo Savić - Vještina Boutique album art Massimo* Vještina Boutique(LP, Album) Aquarius Records (2) LP 19-20 Croatia 2021 Sell This Version
JEX - 0145/0146 Massimo Savić - Jugoton Express album art Đavoli / Massimo Savić Đavoli / Massimo Savić - Jugoton Express(2xLP, Ltd, Promo) Jugoton Express JEX - 0145/0146 Yugoslavia Unknown Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SY 24201 Massimo Savić - Stranac U Noći / Zamisli Život... album art Massimo Savić Stranac U Noći / Zamisli Život...(7", Single) Jugoton SY 24201 Yugoslavia 1987 Sell This Version
SY 24185 Massimo Savić - Samo Jedan Dan album art Masimo Savić* Samo Jedan Dan(7", Single, Promo) Jugoton SY 24185 Yugoslavia 1987 Sell This Version
SY 24271 Massimo Savić - Ti Si Bol Bića Mog / Moja Ljubica album art Massimo* Ti Si Bol Bića Mog / Moja Ljubica(7", Single, Promo) Jugoton SY 24271 Yugoslavia 1988 Sell This Version
SY 24350 Massimo Savić - Ponovo Zajedno / Crni Snjegovi album art Massimo* Ponovo Zajedno / Crni Snjegovi(7", Promo) Jugoton SY 24350 Yugoslavia 1989 Sell This Version