Wreckless Opp.

Wreckless Opp. is short for Wreckless Opposition. The band used this abbreviated name on every release until the 1997 CD "Face to Face". This was the band's only release after the departure of founding guitarist Cole Barton, and last release before their early 1998 dissolution.

Formed in 1989 primarily as a cover band called Reckless Opposition (often shortened to Reckless Opp.). As they began writing original material they split with Jim Buehrle & Shane Risk (who then together formed Big Risk), added the "W" to the name, and released their first demo of original material in 1991. After a series of lineup changes (and an instrument change for founding-drummer turned singer Dan Beidelschies), they recorded their first full-length tape in 1996 shortly after recruiting second guitarist Derek McGill. After the release of this album, but before the end of 1996, founding guitarist Cole Barton, drummer Joe Stuckert and McGill both left the band, and the band went on to record another album in 1997 after finding new members Rob McDonald (3) (Guitar) and Brad DeHaven (Drums). In early 1998 the group disbanded. When Barton and Stuckert left they were working on more new material, and it has been rumoured that the band many go back to the studio to record this new material in the future.

In 2015 Cole Barton joined Vatican (5).