PDM Big Band


Big band from Oudenaarde, Belgium
PDM was founded in 1988 by conductor Filip Demeyer who wanted to introduce some new ideas in wind music by playing musical, film scores and jazz with a “stage band”.
Soon PDM became a real Big Band. (5 saxophones, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, piano, guitar, bass and drums). PDM toured in Belgium, Holland and Germany. The first CD “Na "Vijf" jaar” was released in 1994. It was a recording of the first steps of this band towards Big Band music.
In the nineties PDM became a real jazz band. Contemporary scores as well as the standards were rehearsed, lots of vocalists made their way to the stage with this band.
From 2017 on the band is lead by Kris Loris. , Facebook
Members:Antoine Anno, David Deruyck, Dieter Limbourg, Eddy De Bock, Filip Demeyer, Freddy Verbeken, Hans Notebaert, Hendrik Drubbels, Hendrik Willekens, Ignace Audoorn, Jacky Adens, Jan Coornaert, Jan Van Welden, Jo Nachtergaele, Joachim Vanhoecke, Joop Suttels, Koen Anraed, Lieven Roman, Lucien Foubert, Marc Leroy (2)


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