Wizard Ho Ho

Wizard Ho Ho

Real Name:
Andrew Barney
Love it or hate it, few have been untouched once they've heard the Wizard's own brand of music and poetry. Andrew Barney (aka. Wizard Ho Ho, at least in the early days anyway) is a self-confessed non-musician. He has wielded a guitar, and a keyboard on his Nancyman & The Undercakes side-project, but that's another story.

The two most refreshing aspects of working in the revolving Wizard Ho Ho line-up are perhaps due to Andrew's lack of musical knowledge. Firstly, the freedom - Andrew lets the band do pretty much whatever it wants. Sometimes he may suggest a change, a tempo, or even hum a chorus, but otherwise it's artistic expression all the way. The second aspect is his total inability to believe that anything is impossible. We have tried and failed more times than I can remember - but its always been rewarding and fun.

The music varies - depending on who is playing for starters. Early compilation tracks were sparse, bass driven and short. Later as John Vincent (of Brown Tower) and the legendary Duncan Foley (organist) came into the picture, the sound filled out. Around 1993 (when the wonderful "Wizard Ho Ho - Lovelocked" and "Wizard Ho Ho - Snap Tabernacle & Pop" were recorded) the Wizard was at his most pop. These songs had verses, choruses, and even guitar solos in some cases!

The Wizard played live in 1995 for his first and to date only time. He opened at Traumafeast 95', at the Junction Tavern, Archway, London. The band was well practiced (at the infamous Sunken House), and he even played two unreleased numbers - "Stones" from the Split 7" on Theme Park/Traumatone, and the never recorded "Public Relations Exercise No.1".

Following the 1995 show, the NOLUM CISTERN (the band formed purely to play London) was pared down to just Mike Newman and Andi Roberts. In four sessions, the band recorded over 90 minutes of new material, released as "Absence of Light" - a double length tape. This was the least commercially successful Wizard tape since "Confusion and Conceit" in 1992. The sound ranged from the haunting to the heavy, and was as unsettling as it was relentless.

In recent times the name Wizard Ho Ho has come to mean the band rather than the man. The later line-ups including Karl Vickers and Brontiac (keyboard player for both Spacehopper and the Wizard at the Archway show). This less experienced band produced some of the most simple and effective music yet - especially on the short but engaging "The Whet Album" released by Will Simmons' BEES MAKE HONEY label in the USA.
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Wizard Ho Ho Discography Tracks


TT17 Wizard Ho Ho Confusion And Conceit(Cass, Album) Traumatone TT17 UK 1992 Sell This Version
TT04 Wizard Ho Ho Born Under A Bad Sign(Cass, Album, S/Sided) Traumatone TT04 UK 1992 Sell This Version
Wizard Ho Ho Lovelocked (Album) Traumatone UK 1993 Sell This Version
TP 08 Wizard Ho Ho Listen To The Sound And Weather Of...(Cass, Album) Theme Park Records TP 08 UK 1993 Sell This Version
TT45 Wizard Ho Ho & The Nolum Cistern* Absence Of Light(Cass, Album) Traumatone TT45 UK 1994 Sell This Version
TT36 Wizard Ho Ho Snap Tabernacle & Pop(Cass, Album) Traumatone TT36 UK 1994 Sell This Version
none Wizard Ho Ho The Whet Album(Cass, Album) Bees Make Honey none US 1994 Sell This Version
none Wizard Ho Ho, Nancyman & The Undercakes Wizard Ho Ho, Nancyman & The Undercakes - Speaking In Tum-Te-Tums(Cass, Album) Car In Car Disco Product none USA & Canada 1994 Sell This Version
BR01 Wizard Ho Ho Twangmaster Alternative(Cass) Bacchanalian Revel BR01 UK 1995 Sell This Version
TT201 Wizard Ho Ho Googalplex And After(Cass, Album) Traumatone TT201 UK 1995 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

TT701, TP 10 Spacehopper (2), Wizard Ho Ho, Bucknalls, Flinge Spacehopper (2), Wizard Ho Ho, Bucknalls, Flinge - Goodness! Lurks Beneath Your Pillow(7", 33R) Traumatone, Theme Park Records TT701, TP 10 UK 1994 Sell This Version