Japanese noise act formed in 1989 by adult actress Mayuko Hino and her ex-husband Hiroshi Hasegawa. The group became inactive in the late 90s. In November, 1998, end to activity for approximately nine years.

C.C.C.C. Discography


C.C.C.C. Cosmic Coincidence Control Center (Album) Endorphine Factory Japan 1992 Sell This Version
EDP-002 C.C.C.C. Phantasmagoria(Cass, S/Sided, C90) Endorphine Factory EDP-002 Japan 1992 Sell This Version
C.C.C.C. Loud Sounds Dopa / Live In U.S.A. (Album) Endorphine Factory Japan 1993 Sell This Version
EDP-005 C.C.C.C. Amplified Crystal II(Cass, Ltd, Num, C90) Endorphine Factory EDP-005 Japan 1993 Sell This Version
EDP-004 C.C.C.C. Amplified Crystal(LP, Ltd, Num, Cle) Endorphine Factory EDP-004 Japan 1993 Sell This Version
DFP 035 C.C.C.C. Gnosis(Cass, C60) Drahtfunk-Products DFP 035 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
RRR-CCC C.C.C.C. Community Center Cyber Crash / Live In Pittsburgh(LP) RRRecords, SSS Productions RRR-CCC US 1994 Sell This Version
EDP-012 C.C.C.C. Love & Noise(CD, Album) Endorphine Factory EDP-012 Japan 1996 Sell This Version
CSR15CD C.C.C.C. Flash(CD, Album) Cold Spring CSR15CD UK 1996 Sell This Version
EDP-013 C.C.C.C. And Nocturnal Emissions C.C.C.C. And Nocturnal Emissions - The Beauty Of Pollution(CD, Album) Endorphine Factory EDP-013 Japan 1996 Sell This Version
C.C.C.C. Rocket Shrine (Album) Test (2), Creativeman Disc. Japan 1997 Sell This Version
FREAK-CD-001, LEG MEAT-003 C.C.C.C. / Jalopaz / Alchemy Of The 20th Century C.C.C.C. / Jalopaz / Alchemy Of The 20th Century - Untitled(CD, Album, Ltd) Freak Animal Records, Leg Meat FREAK-CD-001, LEG MEAT-003 Finland 1997 Sell This Version
CSR79CD C.C.C.C. Chaos Is The Cosmos(CD, Album) Cold Spring CSR79CD UK 2007 Sell This Version
NFP20 C.C.C.C. Early Works(4xCD + Box, Ltd) No Fun Productions NFP20 US 2007 Sell This Version
CRJ002 C.C.C.C. Black Light / Black Heat(CD, Album, Ltd) Collapsar Records CRJ002 China 2009 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

JED 02 C.C.C.C. Test Tube Fantasy(7", Ltd, Cle) Ant-Zen JED 02 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
6000-02 C.C.C.C. Live At AS 220(7", Ltd, Blu) Membrum Debile Propaganda 6000-02 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
COSMIC45 C.C.C.C. Polygon Islands 1 & 2(7", Ltd, Num, Gre) Syntactic COSMIC45 Austria 1998 Sell This Version
AST020 C.C.C.C. / Junk Sick C.C.C.C. / Junk Sick - C.C.C.C. / Junk Sick(Lathe, 12", Ltd) Altered States Tapes AST020 Australia 2011 Sell This Version


Vanilla-22 C.C.C.C. Deep Electronics Live(VHS, NTSC, Num) Vanilla Records Vanilla-22 Japan 1991 Sell This Version
fv001 C.C.C.C. Live At Club Lower Links(VHS, NTSC) T.G.P. fv001 US 1992 Sell This Version
EDP-008 C.C.C.C. Loud Sounds Dopa(VHS) Endorphine Factory EDP-008 Japan 1993 Sell This Version
OVF015 C.C.C.C. + Merzbow C.C.C.C. + Merzbow - Tokyo Alive 1995(CDr, VCD, Ltd, Num, NTSC) Obsolete Video Formats OVF015 US 2015 Sell This Version


Vanilla-17 C.C.C.C. Reflexive Universe(Cass, S/Sided, Num, C60) Vanilla Records Vanilla-17 Japan 1991 Sell This Version
TA 039 Con-Dom / Schimpfluch-Gruppe / C.C.C.C. Con-Dom / Schimpfluch-Gruppe / C.C.C.C. - Old Street In Taiwan - Aktion 950907(CDr) Tochnit Aleph TA 039 Germany 2002 Sell This Version

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August 6, 2008
Live: Abrupt start—complete and total silence (neural flat line?) vs. head-to-toe splitting pain, sitting bolt-upright worrying over permanent organic brain damage or disruption of joint or organ structure (so loud nothing was audible). Two men at left and right stage with backs to the audience, attention buried in tall stacks of racks. Another facing off to the right playing bass with relative calm. Front & center, a sorceress with long black hair, long black dress, and long figure tempting the innermost from a theremin with aggressive seduction, hair all around her, violently conjuring and forcibly extracting long-forgottens through her personal electromagnetic interface with the unknown.

These changing only the shape of the room: quieter than a blizzard in the wilderness in a coma. One hour and fifteen minutes pass, bliss and pain.

SNAP! The power to all equipment cut at once. Utterly flattening, the contrast between palpable turbulence and lack thereof. Pause. Flood of posttraumatic ear relief! Cured of all concerns, could not hear anything over ears’ ringing; watching traffic pass in San Francisco, watching people conversing, hearing nothing, body so still.

Pure beauty.


April 15, 2008
Cccc were and are a refreshingly different take on harsh noise. I mean yes Merzbow with his trillion releases is so diverse as to that many Merzbow releases cover the same ground as cccc, but doesn't all harsh noise sound the same to all but connoisseurs? Despite this, cccc carve out their own message of noise that seems to have more to do with the cosmos than buckling metal structures, more to do with extended drone, pain/pleasure (with an emphasis on the pleasure) dynamics, and sparkling phase effects. I see cccc's antecedents more in the earlier Japanese psychedelic underground, in the high-pitched emotional scree of Fushitsusha and Les Rallizes Denudes, than in aggressive post-industrial brutism like Whitehouse, New Blockaders, Incapacitants, etc. I don't want to presume, but I think the involvement of a woman in the band, unusual with Japanese harsh noise, especially one who is so thoroughly focused on a sexual/emotional philosophy to her music brings a separate element, a sort of right hand Path to the basement sociopathy noise usually brings. Beats cock-rock pissing contests of "whose harshest" any day.

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