Orestes (3)

Brutal death metal band from Jakarta, Indonesia.

ORESTES was formed in 2007, Consisted of Herdityo Wibowo, Florentino Ariza, Johan Franklin, Fachri Bayu Wicaksono & Gemuruh Adhityatama. The band commence the story in Indonesia metal scene. Influenced by early 1990's & 2000's metal bands like DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, ORIGIN, & SPAWN OF POSSESSION. As the time goes by, ORESTES continues trying to create music that is more sharper, powerful, & vigorous. At the end of 2009, ORESTES completed their first promising demo called "Konspirasi Genosida”.
January 2010, ORESTES signed to Indonesia-based Rottrevore Records for the first album, ORESTES start looking for the theme of album and make efforts for something prevailing. ORESTES entered Masterplan Studio to record its debut album in September 2010. The band agreed to put "Equivocal Paragraph" as the painful muzzle. “Equivocal Paragraph” was released May 29, 2011. This album displayed high levels of brutality, emosional, intensity & also present the story about contemporary dilapidation methods. From June until December 2011, the band promote “Equivocal Paragraph” with a lot of shows.



RR-CD-023-06011-08013 Orestes (3) - Equivocal Paragraph album art Orestes (3) Equivocal Paragraph(CD, Album) Rottrevore Records RR-CD-023-06011-08013 Indonesia 2011 Sell This Version

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