The Prophet (22)

The Prophet (22)

Real Name:
"The Prophet" is a pseudonym used to reflect an alter ego of the writer, KD. The name was never intended to import or suggest any form of religious connotation; it was adopted in the early 1990s to reflect a character trait that tended to see the world rather negatively. That led to the concept of "...the prophet of gloom and doom..." and the pseudonym was born. Since then, the world has changed somewhat and there are those who see any use of the word "Prophet" to be inextricably linked to religion, irrespective of intent. With that in mind, unsurprisingly, this pseudonym is unlikely to be used again by KD.

KD's only commercially released material is on the 1996 album "The Shape Of Rain" by Mickey Simmonds. KD continued to write further lyrics for some years but, as at 2017, he does not have a website and is currently inactive for personal reasons.


The Prophet (22) Discography

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Mickey Simmonds Mickey Simmonds - The Shape Of Rain (Album) Cymbeline Records, Cymbeline Records Netherlands 1996 Sell This Version