The World (8)

The World (8)

The Danish band was originally a group of fusion and funk musicians that Alex Vargas joined as a guest singer. After a few years of fun, Vargas requested to play his own rock music. This was not immediately accepted, but after a few different musical constellations, the first version of what could be called The World, was made of Asger Steenhodlt (bass), Carsten Milner (drums), Lars Terkelsen (Keys), Jacob Tryde (guitars) and Vargas on vocals and acoustic guitar. That group won a second price on a world rock competition. After that the band was dissolved to take one last musical step toward a rock sound. Vargas was joined by Flemming Rothaus, Jacob Moth and Holmefiord (bass) to solidify a style where finally all agreed.
That band The World, released their debut album in 1994 called "Mirror" with Alex Vargas as lead singer and composer, drummer Flemming Rothaus, and bass player Gustav Holmefjord.
This album was recorded after three years of playing together and not accepting various recording offers that all demanded sacrificing one or another player or the music style.
With Moth's departure from the band, James Thomas played most electric guitars on the album. The band recorded for the sake of history, but the album went on radio rotation for three months, even though there was no record company.
When Rothaus (drums) also decided to leave, the band played pre-existing arrangements with replacement musicians that did a great job (Janus Nyborg on guitars, Matias La Cour on keys and guitars and Bjarne Holm on drums) but then they all stopped as did any record sales.
20 + years later, the band's manager decided to re-mix the album and put it online. It went up in 2016
The World then became a solo project from emerged from a sudden urge to write songs. In one month, and album was written and "Vargas" was rehearsed and recorded in under 15 days in 1997 with Vargas as the songwriter guitar player and singer, drummer Bjarne Holm, and bass player Christian Veitner. Few concerts were played under that constellation.
In 2003, the single "The Roller" for a new album, was released, but the completed album never went out.

The band does not have a page. There is only a link to Spotify.


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CDSIL 11-93 The World (8) Mirror(CD, Album) Silence Corporation CDSIL 11-93 Denmark 1993 Sell This Version

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