One of the oldest still existing band in the Netherlands. Founded in 1961 by 16-year old Frank Kraaijeveld and his brother Arti, they started as an Indorock band but soon changed to rhythm and blues. In 1970 they leave to form Kraaijeveld. Frank rejoins in 1972 and Arti joins Carlsberg.
The latest (2017) line-up consists of:
Frank Kraaijeveld: bass, guitar, vocals
Dagomar Jansen: guitar, lap steel guitar, harmonica, vocals
Marco Nicola: guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
Burt van der Meij: drums
Jan Wijte: guitar, slide guitar, flute
Members:Aad Hooft, Albert Schierbeek, Arti Kraaijeveld, Burt Van Der Meij, Dagomar Jansen, Frank Kraaijeveld, Gerben Ibelings, Gus Pleines, Harry Schierbeek, Harry Schierbeek Jr., Jaap Castricum, Jack van Schie, Jan Wijte, Maarten Ibelings, Marco Nicola, Meine Fernhout, Peter de Leeuwe, Rob Kruisman, Rob Ten Bokum, Rob van Donselaar
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