Waxwork Dummies

The Waxwork Dummies from Chelmsford were a key punk band from the area, and existed between late 1979 and 1981. They consisted of Mould on Vocals, Lawrence on Guitar, Angus on Bass and Stuart on Drums. They built quite a considerable following at the time and were noted for their adoption of their 'Red Indian' style (Pre Ants).

According to a local fanzine, the band got together at the Chelmsford Rock Club in November-December 1979, and emerged as The Waxwork Dummies in January 1980. The band played a lot of shows around the Essex and London areas, including gigs at Maldon Jubillee Hall, Hatfield Peveral Village Hall, Chelmsford College, Southend Focus and Scamps, as well as several Ipswich gigs, and a highlight was playing The Marquee in Wardour Street, London supporting The Revillos.

A studio demo was recorded in July-August 1980, and contained some of their main songs, including 'Concrete Indian' and 'The Curse'. The demo was produced by Lawrence, Stuart, Mould and Ray.

By late 1980 / early 1981, the band eventually dissolved, with all the members continuing on in various bands, with perhaps drummer Stuart being the most visible ex-member, as he played drums for many years in Colchester's Special Duties.


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