Loose Fur

American supergroup which includes Wilco members Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche as well as Jim O'Rourke. In May 2000 Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy asked multi-instrumentalist Jim O'Rourke to play with him at Chicago's Noise Pop festival. A few days before the festival, Tweedy and O'Rourke rehearsed together and O'Rourke invited his friend, drummer Glenn Kotche along. They worked on several new songs for Tweedy's May 14 performance at the Double Door which later appeared on their self-titled album. Tweedy was so invigorated from working with both O'Rourke and Kotche, that he brought them into his Wilco family soon after: Kotche became Wilco's new drummer, and O'Rourke mixed their landmark Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album.

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