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Carioca (ie: from Rio de Janeiro) group formed in 1976, they played funk music mixed with samba and jazz, with a strong dance music edge. Black Rio made three albums "Maria Fumaça" , "Gafieira Universal" and "Saci Pererê" that were hits in the disco era, blending their own songs with Brazilian classics like "Na Baixa do Sapateiro" (Ary Barroso) and "Casa Forte" (Edu Lobo). They also recorded a live album with Caetano Veloso "Bicho Baile Show" in 1978 that wasn't released until 2002. Often compared to U.S. soul/funk groups like Kool & The Gang and Earth and Wind & Fire, Black Rio developed Brazilian instrumental soul music, becoming hip in English clubs by the late 90s. Banda Black Rio isn't associated with the revival Band.

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Members:Abóbora, Aleh, Barrosinho, Claudio Stevenson, Cristóvão Bastos, Jamil Joanes, Jorjao, Lucio Da Silva, Luiz Carlos Batera, Oberdan Magalhães, Paulinho Black, Pi (7), Valdecir Nei, William Magalhães
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