Dead Or Alive

Dead Or Alive

Formed: 1980 // Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Found international success with "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"
They had a massive following in Japan.
Pete Burns (vocals, 1980-2016)
Steve Coy (drums)
Timothy Lever (keyboards, 1983-89)
Michael Percy (bass, 1981-89)
Sue James (bass, 1980-81)
Joe Musker (drums, 1980-82)
Ming (guitar, 1980)
Wayne Hussey (guitar, 1981-83)
Martin Healy (keyboards, 1980-83)
Adrian Mitchell (guitar, 1980-81)
Jason Alburey (keyboards, 1996-2003)

Dead Or Alive Discography Tracks


Dead Or Alive Sophisticated Boom Boom (Album) Epic New Zealand 1984 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Youthquake (Album) Epic Mexico 1985 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know (Album) Epic Greece 1986 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Nude (Album) Epic Japan 1988 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Nude - Remade Remodelled - (Album) Epic Japan 1989 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Fan The Flame (Part 1) (Album) Epic Japan 1990 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Nukleopatra (Album) Epic Japan 1995 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Fragile (Album, MiniAlbum) Avex Trax Japan 2000 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Unbreakable_The Fragile Remixes (Album) Avex Trax Japan 2000 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Inev 005 Dead Or Alive I'm Falling(7") Inevitable Inev 005 UK 1980 Sell This Version
INEV 008 Dead Or Alive Number Eleven(7", Single) Inevitable INEV 008 UK 1981 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive The Stranger (Single) Black Eyes Records UK 1982 Sell This Version
BE 1 Dead Or Alive It's Been Hours Now(12", EP) Black Eyes Records BE 1 UK 1982 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Misty Circles Epic, Epic UK 1983 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive I'd Do Anything (Single) Epic US 1983 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive What I Want (Single) Epic, Epic US 1983 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive That's The Way (I Like It) (Single, Maxi) Epic, Epic Europe 1984 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Single, Maxi, EP) Epic, Epic Spain 1984 Sell This Version
34-04573 Dead Or Alive / Merle Haggard Dead Or Alive / Merle Haggard - That's The Way (I Like It) / You Nearly Lose Your Mind(7", Single) Epic 34-04573 US 1984 Sell This Version
XPR 1257 Dead Or Alive Mighty Mix(12", Mixed, Promo, W/Lbl) Epic XPR 1257 UK 1984 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive In Too Deep (Single, Maxi) Epic, Epic UK 1985 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive Lover Come Back To Me (Single, Maxi) Epic New Zealand 1985 Sell This Version
Dead Or Alive My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor) (Single, Maxi) Epic, Epic Mexico 1985 Sell This Version
QY•3P-90088 Dead Or Alive Special Mix (Nonstop Version)(12", Mixed, Promo) Epic QY•3P-90088 Japan 1985 Sell This Version
10470 Dead Or Alive Youthquake(7", EP, Smplr) Discos CBS 10470 Bolivia 1985 Sell This Version

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May 15, 2017
I didn't know Pete Burns passed, so sad. Youthquake was the first LP I bought as a teen and my introduction to hinrg/synthpop. Seems like only Youthquake & Mad Bad were synthpop after that they went back to their hinrg roots.

Does anyone know if there is a remix of Big Daddy Of The Rhythm? I've never seen it anywhere not even on Hot Tracks or Razormaid. That was my favorite song from Youthquake.


February 18, 2017
Years ago I was in a friend of a friends house in Reading, England & for 'some reason' while my 2 ex-chums were 'chatting' I had a wee look at his 'lodgers' records.
What 'nearly' had me running out the door with one record in my fists was a 12" of You Spin Me Round that looked V much like one of the 2 UK releases [Murder/Performance Mix] but it had Pink Stripes down the left/right sides where 'normally' they were either purple or black ????
I asked on the DOA Facebook page & got zero replies but I had the bugger in my hands.
Has anyone ever seen it, I don't know if it was a 'promo' or what it was but none of the more 'devoted' collectors had a copy.
Making it up, I half suspected but like I sold one of In To Deep with the & poster/diff sleeve & the guy said, I have EVERYTHING by DOA & yet had never seen that one.
So I live in hope.
Pete Burns was a part of my life 'musically' and always will be ! xx


November 18, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
shocked by the sad lost of pete,sorry that mr burns didn't take dead or alive as serious as should have been,especially when crafting music videos,yes music videos that could have been truly enjoyed for years to come,its understandable how pete burns/dead or alive was not promoted in the later years more though into crafting better music videos and more attention to making stronger music through the late 1980s/early 1990s,should have been.....but really sad as it seemed that pete was more obsessed with his looks than he's talent for witty songs/pop rock/indie rock
a bit of a note here,Status Quo went back into the studio with an album,remixed this album from top to bottom its now being sold as a double album,what a fantastic idea remaster the original and remix/rework the original to new standard,truly would love to hear the nude/fan the flame album done in this vain,with studio members,remixers from the PWL/SAW days,redoing what could have been, actually not just dead or alive but boy george "high hat/boyfriend" album,billy idol "cyber punk",etc etc etc less favourited albums by fans and public,remastering the original disc 1 and remixing the original disc 2,in turn selling these as a double album


October 31, 2016
Dead Or Alive was the most exciting and interresting dance music act ever (both musically and visually). It's a shame they were never really taken seriously by the music industry and the critics alike but they had legions of fans who really appreciated their work.

People often pre-judged them (first because of the singer's androginous and provocative looks, then because of his plastic surgery operations) instead of paying attention to their music (which was very avant-garde) and their lyrics (which were also very good and witty for the most part).

Now that the leader Pete Burns is gone, they will be tragically missed. Their new best-of/compilation boxed set called "Sophisticated Boom Box 2016" that is getting released right now (spread over 17 CDs of musical content and 2 DVDs containing 20 music videos, a live concert and TV appearances) is a testament to their genius and their pretty unique vision of dance music . No-one will ever comes close to those HI-NRG hits of theirs, it was perfection (that is if you're into dance music of course).


October 25, 2016
Rip Pete B :(

I only one chance to see him in the Bataclan few year ago.

Surely will never forget this moment.



October 25, 2016
A sad loss to the world and so Young too. Rest in peace Pete x


October 24, 2016
Rest in peace Pete, you fabulous creature. Very sad day. 😔


September 26, 2016
There is a box set called "Sophisticated Boom Boom Box MMXVI" on amazon. Its really rare and has like every 12" Mix out there on it. It even has the full Vocal version of Love Toy on it along with some other unreleased songs, mixes and instrumentals. Fan The Flame, Nukleopatra & Fragile all have updated New album covers. This is because they never got a UK Release (Nukleopatra got a US Release, but fragile and fan the flame, didn't get released anywhere else besides japan) & i know pete posted a picture of the vinyl release & it had the covers. This box set should probably end the battle of everyone asking for the 12" mixes, along with remastered versions of every album. Everything is remastered and hopefully they would put this on itunes, because right now it is only being said that it is being released on CD & Vinyl formats. ALSO! The vinyl version is like extremely rare, they are all pressed on Clear vinyl & there are not a lot of them pressed, so you need to go pre-order them RIGHT NOW If you want to get one.


September 16, 2016
Has anyone else seen the Deluxe boxset on Amazon UK "Sophisticated Boom Boom Box MMXVI". It has 17 CD's & 2 DVD's. It is being released by Edsel. It has literally everything on it that anyone ever wanted. Stock Aitken Waterman collectors are really going to want this! It even has the XXX mix of "Something in my House"! I pre-ordered mine!


May 20, 2016
The thing is, Sony doesn't plan on anymore reissues. They don't want to give fans with money anything else to buy. Cherry Red is probably the best option for reissues. Flood their inbox with requests and see what happens. Good luck.

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