Real Name:
Joe Walker
So what makes me tick? ~ That is a good question & the best answer is simply music. I have been collection records since around 86-87, DJ'n under the name DJ_Jon_Doe from around '91 until 2014 & the reason i picked that name was because I wasn't anybody especially unique back then, I was just like everybody else who was just trying to play some records & help others have a good time. So what's changed you may ask. Well simply put I have released my 1st record this year (2015) on my own imprint - Press Yur Trax 2 Vinyl Records & distributed via Groove Distribution outta Chicago ( as well as Juno Records in the UK ( So with that leap into the producer/DJ realm I decided it was time to update the image as it were & from this point on I'll be calling myself DJ Jon Wang. Now then every so often I get asked by different people as to what type of music I play & to them I say that since I am a 100% all vinyl DJ that I play whatevasoundzgooood (& yes I still buy vinyl all the time too). After I tell them that I also tell them that I play a wide and varied selection of musical styles and genres that includes: ambient, Trip Hop, Acid Jazz, Disco, House, Breaks, Techno, D&B, Ol Skool Rave & some Ol' Skool Hip Hop, Dubstep, Experimental, Electro and a few others too.

In both my DJ'n & music production I don't limit myself to a certain style or genre, rather I try to see what's goin on in as many aspects of music as I can get my hands on & then by having a lil bit of just about any/every style of dance orientated music out there I can incorporate certain aspects from each of them in new & exciting ways so that hopefully I'll be able to entertain everyone I can as best I can. It has been that approach to music that has helped-n-blessed me to be able to perform @ such functions as ambient gatherings w/both Andy Hughes and LX Patterson of the Orb (on separate occasions), funky break parties w/Robbie and Gavin Hardkiss, warehouse shindigs w/Brett Johnson, Boo Williams & Glenn Underground, Alexander East & Rob Vaughn, Record store parties where TC Islam was freestylin ova my beats and DnB raves w/Dieselboy, AK1200, UFO, Force-n-Hixxy & most of the Jungle Sky crew (to throw around some names).

Why do I do what I do, you may ask? Well, my reply to that'd be (in no particular order of importance) - [1st] I LOVE music (in almost every form/fashion/genre it comes in). [2nd] I love the feeling I get when I see the people on the dance floor just oscillating - knowing that what I'm doing behind the decks is having a direct effect on everyone's good time (that's a truly addictive feeling). & [3rd] I do this because music is meant to be given-n-shared with EVERYBODY!!!!


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