Maarten De Boer

Real Name:Maarten Willem de Boer

Dutch sound engineer, born in 1950.
He started as a recording engineer but became a dedicated disc mastering engineer, setting up his own company Holland Cutting in 1982 (the name was changed to The Masters in 1988 and lasted until 31 December 2012).

For cuts during his time at Holland Cutting (1982 - 1987), identifiable by HCB, please use Lacquer Cut By and the ANV B.
Even after 1988, De Boer used "HCB" as a trademark for his cutting work. For these cuts, please also use the ANV B.

In the mid-80s he did all disc mastering for Roadrunner Records.
In the 2000s, De Boer has also worked with Emil Berliner Studios, Berlin, Germany.
In Groups:The Masters
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