DJ Q-Bert as reviewed by dj_risq

June 2, 2005
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Q-Bert's sheer popularity is not fading...
Mot only a DJ/Turntablist/Music Producer but (along with Yogafrog & The Thud Rumble crew)
He's designed award winning DJ mixers and decks for Vestax which have become the industry standard.
He's an award winning film maker with Wave Twisters.
He's now released 2 DIY (Learn to scratch) DVD's.

Now imagine his set-up at home in San-Fransico
The records he uses are his own Skratchy Seal Breaks.
The slipmats he now uses are his own Butter Rugs.
The needles he now uses ore his very own Ortofons.
The Mixers and decks, you guessed it, his own designed Vestax
And lastly the cables to plug everything together are his Monster Rumble cables.

The beginning of 2005 we got to see Q-bert on his European tour. (Last stop Cardiff thank you very much).
I was looking forward to seeing some new material, maybe even get to see him beat-juggle for once, unfortunately, his european tour was just to promote his Vestax built QFO deck/mixer.
Selling out for his gimmicks was not what I wanted from this true scratch master.
Lets hope he's bored of his new toy after touring with it, and lets hope enough people buy them up to make him that much more money so he doesn't have to promote the QFO anymore, then we can all start expecting better things to come...


September 19, 2018
It's 2018 and QbERt is still showcasing and making a lot of dough.... To be honest his style is becoming quite deflating. Yes he is technically gifted but wheres the hardcore funk gone? Has Mix Master Mike left the building?

DJ Q-Bert as reviewed by Alain_Patrick

March 22, 2005
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Considered a quintessential name in the history of the turntablism culture, Q-Bert, stands not only as a reference for being DMC World Champion (he won from 1992 to 1994 championships if my memory is correct), but also for introducing new techniques in the DJ’s performance parameters, such as the complex ‘crab’ fader-manipulation.

Member of the well-known Invisbl Skratch Piklz crew (with Short Cut, Mixmaster Mike, D-Style) and Rock Steady DJ's, he was the responsible for the “Do It Yourself” DVD Parties, some Scratch Cartoon Soundtracks named “Wave Twisters”, and a game with his own name for Playstation II about scratch techniques. Later, he became the publicity icon for Vestax Company, and he participated on the well-known “Scratch” documentary.

DJ Q-Bert as reviewed by EPOCHALYPSE

March 7, 2005
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Even though Q modestly turned down the title, he officially became Grandmixer Q-Bert at the Turntablist Festivel in NY in 2001 after Grandmixer DST, the original father of the scratch, passed it on to him at the end of the show. Q-Bert respectfully declined, saying that he can only get better and still has a long way to go. However modest and noble Q-Bert was at that moment, and however far he still has to go in his studies of the turntablist arts, he is the greatest living DJ and turntablist the world has ever known. Even Craze can't touch him . . . Q-Bert has the skills to pay the bills. Check him out if you can.


September 19, 2018
I think Craze could touch him! He is just as gifted! I'd love to see a battle between them...

DJ Q-Bert as reviewed by somejerk

September 1, 2004
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DJ Q-Bert is one of my favorite dj's, and one of the illest turntablists in the world. He is credited with doing all of the scratching on the cult classic Dr. Octagon album in 1996. He's also responsible for the music video/movie/strangeness "Wave Twisters". If you have not seen this, much less heard about it, and like hiphop, I seriously recomend that you check it out. All in all, Q-Bert is the man when it comes to the turntables.

DJ Q-Bert landmineyouth

June 18, 2013
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