Production team from Edinburgh, Scotland. Originally a post-punk group called Fini Tribe fronted by vocalist Chris Connelly, they acquired a sampler and moved in an experimental post-industrial direction. The Let The Tribe Grow EP featured the track 'De Testimony', which became an anthem for the original Balearic scene.
Three members left after a tour in 1988, including Connelly who moved to the States and joined Revolting Cocks and Ministry.

The slimmed down group amended their name to Finitribe and gradually moved to more of a techno/electro sound. After 1995's 'Sheigra' John Vinsky also left, Miller & Pinsky released one more Album before the group faded out after one last EP issued in 2001.

For a spell, they ran the Coup nightclub in Edinburgh.

Sites:Facebook , Soundcloud , X
Aliases:Peter Perfect
Members:Chris Connelly, David Miller (6), John Vick, Philip Pinsky, Simon McGlynn, Thomas McGregor
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