Indexi were one of the earliest and most enduring bands in ex-Yugoslavia that enjoyed popularity across generations of the followers of rock music. The band was founded in 1962 in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Since all the members were university students, they had easily chosen the name for the band – Indexi (plural of “index”, a student’s blue book for writing exams and attendance). In the beginning they played mostly instrumental covers of popular hits, but around 1967 started composing their own songs. The core line-up consisted of Slobodan A. Kovacevic-guitar, Fadil Redzic-bass and Davorin Popovic-vocals, while they frequently changed drummers and keyboard players. Indexi led two parallel careers: the one as a popular band recording numerous singles and EPs, and performing at the pop festivals of easy listening “schlager” music; and the other one as a pioneering progressive band, which had recorded allegedly the first song lasting over 10 minutes in former Yugoslavia, “Negdje na kraju u zatisju” in 1969.
At the beginning of the 70s they released the legendary “Plima” single in 1972, a composition that had been recorded back in 1968 and featured one of the most memorable guitar solos in the Yugoslavian rock-scene, courtesy of Kovacevic. The rest of their career from mid-70s through 90s they occasionally recorded singles and appeared in concerts at random, deliberately avoiding temptations of a typical rock and roll life-style. This is why perhaps they maintained their longevity for 35+ years.
Founding members were:
Ismet Nuno Arnautalić (guitar) (1962 - 1969) (formed Jutro)
Šefko Akšamija (bass) (1962 - 1965)
Slobodan Bobo Misaljević (guitar) (1962 - 1965)
Đorđe Uzelac (keyboards) (1962 - 1965)
Nedo Hadžihasanović (drums) (1962 - 1963)
Other members:
Đorđe Kisić (drums) (1963 - 1968) (1976)
Davorin Popović (vocals) (1964 - 2001) (ex Pauci)
Slobodan Bobo Kovačević (guitar) (1965 - 2001) (ex Lutalice)
Fadil Redžić (bass) (1965 - 1990) (ex Lutalice)
Kornelije Kovač (keyboards) (1967 - 1968)
Miroslav Šaranović (drums) (1968 - 1974) (ex Dinamiti, Pro Arte) (joined Ambasadori 1974)
Đorđe Novković (keyboards) (1968 - 1970) (joined Pro Arte)
Ranko Rihtman (keyboards) (1970 - 1971) (ex Čičci)
Vlado Pravdić (keyboards) (1971, 1972 - 1973) (ex Vokinsi, Ambasadori) (joined Jutro)
Enco Lesić (keyboards) (1971 - 1972, 1975) (ex Dalmatini, Split) (formed Spektar)
Milić Vukašinović (drums) (1974 - 1976) (ex Čičci) (joined Bijelo Dugme)
Miroslav Maraus (keyboards) (1974 - 1975)
Nenad Jurin (keyboards) (1975 - 1990) (ex Cod)
Perica Stojanović (drums) (1976)
Davor Crnigoj (bass) (1995 - 2001)
Sinan Alimanović (keyboards) (1995 - 2001) (ex Kosovski Božuri)


Indexi Discography Tracks


Indexi Indeksi (Album) RTV Ljubljana Yugoslavia 1972 Sell This Version
Pro Arte (2) / Indexi Pro Arte (2) / Indexi - Про Арте - Индекси (Album) Балкантон Bulgaria 1973 Sell This Version
LP 0050, LP – 0050 Davor* I Indexi Davor* I Indexi - Svaka Je Ljubav Ista (Osim One Prave)(LP, Album, RP) Diskoton, Diskoton LP 0050, LP – 0050 Yugoslavia 1976 Sell This Version
Indexi Modra Rijeka (Album) Jugoton Yugoslavia 1978 Sell This Version
Indexi Kameni Cvjetovi (Album) Nika Records Slovenia 1999 Sell This Version
CD188 / CD188/1 Indexi Poslednji Koncert U Sarajevu(2xCD, Album) Komuna CD188 / CD188/1 Serbia and Montenegro 2002 Sell This Version
Indexi The Best Of Indexi: Live Tour 1998/1999 (Album) Extra Music (2) Bosnia & Herzegovina 2009 Sell This Version
CD 2213 Индекси* The Best Of: Live Tour 1998/1999 Vol. 2(CD, Album, RE) Gold Audio Video CD 2213 Serbia 2009 Sell This Version
CD 2212 Индекси* The Best Of: Live Tour 1998/1999 Vol. 1(CD, Album, RE) Gold Audio Video CD 2212 Serbia 2009 Sell This Version
2CD 5905448 Indexi I Prijatelji* Da Sam Ja Netko - Live(2xCD, Album) Croatia Records 2CD 5905448 Croatia 2010 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

EP 50143 Indeksi* Sedam Veličanstvenih(7", EP) PGP RTB EP 50143 Yugoslavia 1964 Sell This Version
EP 50114 „Indeksi”* Naše Doba(7", EP) PGP RTB EP 50114 Yugoslavia 1967 Sell This Version
SY-1360 Indexi Ne Želim Tvoju Ljubav / Šabn-Dabn-Šabn-Du-Bajo(7", Single) Jugoton SY-1360 Yugoslavia 1969 Sell This Version
EP 50341 Indeksi* Jutro Će Promijeniti Sve(7", EP) PGP RTB EP 50341 Yugoslavia 1969 Sell This Version
SY-1760 Indeksi* Svijet U Kojem Živim(7", Single) Jugoton SY-1760 Yugoslavia 1971 Sell This Version
Indexi Plima Jugoton Yugoslavia 1972 Sell This Version
SY 22071, SY 23071 Indexi Sanjam / Balada(7", Single) Jugoton, Jugoton SY 22071, SY 23071 Yugoslavia 1972 Sell This Version
SY-21981 Indexi Krivac Si Ti / Sve Ove Godine(7", Single) Jugoton SY-21981 Yugoslavia 1972 Sell This Version
Indexi Predaj Se Srce / Budi Kao More (Single) Jugoton Yugoslavia 1973 Sell This Version
SZ 0026 Indexi Jedina Moja / I Tvoje Će Proći(7", Single) Diskoton SZ 0026 Yugoslavia 1973 Sell This Version
Indexi Samo Su Ruže Znale / Samoćo, Ljubavi Moja (Single) Diskoton, Diskoton Yugoslavia 1974 Sell This Version
SZ 0110 Indexi Pogrešan Broj / Bacila Je Sve Niz Rijeku(7", Single, Mono) Diskoton SZ 0110 Yugoslavia 1974 Sell This Version
SZ 0028 Indexi Didn-Da-Da / Dal' Smo Ljudi(7", Single, Mono) Diskoton SZ 0028 Yugoslavia 1974 Sell This Version
SZ 0164 Indexi Volim Te / Ti Si Mi Bila Naj, Naj(7", Mono, Single) Diskoton SZ 0164 Yugoslavia 1975 Sell This Version
SZ 0185 Indexi Obala Pusta Obala Vrela(7", Single) Diskoton SZ 0185 Yugoslavia 1975 Sell This Version

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