The Bad Tuna Experience

The Bad Tuna Experience started as an attempt by Donna Damage Argentina (of No Thanks) and Carolyn Lengal (ex-Killer Instinct (3)) to put together an "all-girl band". They recruited drinking buddy Carol Kendzierski to play guitar and a guy named Bob to play bass (one guy in an all-girl band was OK as long as he just played the bass). Liza Martin later replaced him.

Donna had ordered a "disgusting" tuna platter from local eatery Leshko's on the same day Carolyn had gotten a tuna sandwich from Blimpie's with “things in it... hard lumps that had no taste." When the two compared anecdotes the band's name was born.

BTE went through a few drummers once Donna left the band. Don Crenshaw lasted as long as the band's first recording session and was replaced by Michael Pullen of Circle X fame. He was finally succeeded by Gene Perone. Carol also eventually left and was replaced by Rich Rybinski, completing the lineup in the longest-lived ultimate version of Bad Tuna.

GG Allin had gotten the lyrics to “Beer Picnic” from Maximum Rock N Roll; he later wrote a fan letter to Carolyn to ask if he could cover the song. The band was opposed and never responded. Allin covered it anyway which is probably the only reason people are still ask questions about The Bad Tuna Experience. They came and went from the NYC hardcore scene without leaving a trace, like almost everyone else with whom they shared a stage.



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