Grim County Coroners

Grim County Coroners

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Dom Kreep
the story so far...
The birth of The Grim County Coroners 4th. November. 2014 I was looking for something. Something hard to find because, well, I wasn't sure what it was to begin with...
Somewhere between dead sounds, red dead redemption and the long, dark tunnel that led up to the last Kreeps album proper, "Spirit Clinic", I'd stopped having fun, and when you're an artist sometimes finding enjoyment in your creativity is all you have. things were developing well with Kreeps and all the signature sounds were still intact - but something was missing. i needed a way to tap directly back into the source of my love for dark surf and experimental soundtrack music - essentially where Kreeps began. a psychic feedback loop if you will. The Grim County Coroners had to be born. Between the records mentioned above is where most of the coroners material was written and recorded - an attempt to stitch together surf, rockabilly and jump blues with lurching, experimental, early-synth soundtracks - but after the stresses surrounding the release of "Spirit Clinic" I soon decided to take a break from music to regroup and concentrate on other things, and The Coroners project was largely forgotten about. Until now...

When the dust settled I relocated and began to frequent Scarecrow Video in Seattle, which pulled me back into that crazy world of sound and vision all over again. anyone that's been to Scarecrow knows it's an overwhelming archive of incredible cinema. Suddenly I was reconnected with all those trashy and psychedelic horrors and thrillers I was so influenced by when I started Kreeps. I suddenly had access to films I'd never had an opportunity to see and some films I'd never even heard about. I loved everything about them. The cinematography, the crazy dialogue, the often nonsensical plots, and of course the soundtracks. several sparks were reignited during my trash cinema orgy - and I started thinking about The Coroners again.

Meanwhile, Bob Nixon (Kreeps visual designer extraordinaire) had been getting into producing sculpted toys of his cartoon characters (see 'The Unfortunates') and this led to us talking about old board game designs we'd liked and that he'd really like to produce one some day. We came up with the concept of a 60's style spooky board game with accompanying music to play along to, but it was very much a dream at that point.

'The Curse Of Grim County' is set to be released as a series of limited vinyl records to form a mini album to accompany the board game.
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01 Grim County Coroners Part 1 - Up Jumped The White Devil(7", Single) Not On Label 01 2014 Sell This Version