Fleetwood Mac Jules_H

February 27, 2021
Does anybody know where the long version of "Need Your Love So Bad" first appeared?

Fleetwood Mac Jules_H

June 12, 2021
Thanks, I've since looked at the liner notes of that set.

Fleetwood Mac physbin

March 7, 2021
On "The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions" was the first time and place I ever heard it.

Fleetwood Mac dedindi

July 30, 2020
they used the Lydian mode to write their Dreams and Landslide:

Fleetwood Mac Anthon40

February 23, 2020
Five solid albums with Bob Welsh and he’s not inducted with the band into the Hall of Fame. Not that it matters much, but symbolically an inexcusable omission.

Fleetwood Mac Skeebo

July 20, 2021
Same with Doug Yule,CJ Ramone,Richie Ramone,Bruce Johnson,David Marks, and Dave Abruzezze, and many others. While RHCP had a guy go in with them who hadn't been in the band a year yet, and Rob hadn't been in Metallica long.

Fleetwood Mac physbin

March 7, 2021
Perhaps the fact that he was suing or had sued the band had something to do with it?

Fleetwood Mac SidCarrot

December 29, 2020
I agree as well. By the time of "Mystery To Me" and "Heroes Are Hard To Find," he was clearly the group's front man and main songwriter. And he gave them a mystique with spacey, atmospheric songs such as "Hypnotized," "The Bermuda Triangle," "Night Watch," "Revelation" and "Coming Home." I still love that era of the band.

Fleetwood Mac mattybee1

October 16, 2020
Bob Welch kept the band together during the years that they were most at risk of being finished. And the music was still very good. He also brought California pop to the band, which synthesized with the British blues in a spellbinding way. Without the California pop sound, Buckingham and Nicks would have never thought Fleetwood Mac would be a suitable fit for them. I don't think you have the later Fleetwood Mac without him.

Fleetwood Mac rcubed88

August 5, 2020
Couldn't agree more. Shabby. Bad form Fleetwood Mac. Compare this to the Eagles.

Fleetwood Mac shakingstreet

July 27, 2020
Agreed. That was always a shame and an oversight. He totally helped them turn gain a solid US fan-base.

Fleetwood Mac as reviewed by Jzz_toneDiscSearch

May 20, 2019
Well, there are some of us who consider the original band with Peter Green to be the "definitive" one ! While I recognize the talents of the Buckingham/Nicks outfit, their music doesn't move me the way the early band's music does.

Fleetwood Mac Rich.C

January 19, 2017
A band with a long and convoluted history, Fleetwood Mac was originally conceived as a heavy blues outfit in the tradition of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. It wasn't until Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Christine McVie enlisted the services of soft-rock duo Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham that the band took on its definitive form. In Buckingham the band acquired a prodigious guitar talent and a gifted lyricist whose occasionally daffy sensibilities nicely complemented the tender intimacies of Nicks and McVie. Though incestuous liaisons within the group threatened to tear it apart, these also sparked some of the band's greatest material. Witness Rumours, to this day one of the top ten best selling albums of all time.
From the giddy, self-deprecating "Second Hand News" to the achingly beautiful "Gold Dust Woman," the album is painfully intimate -- and that's precisely what gives it power. Though a pair of mediocre releases in the '90s threatened to end the band's career with a whimper, The Dance (1997) restored Buckingham and Nicks to the fold and dusted the cobwebs off Fleetwood Mac's rich legacy.

Fleetwood Mac zickzack2

February 19, 2021
I'm that guy that likes all the periods, with the exception of Time and behind the sun, but other than those I enjoy it all.

Fleetwood Mac Anthon40

February 23, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
Why erase Bob Welch from the history? Five good records, a handful of timeless FM classics.