Porky (5)

Real Name:George Peckham

George Peckham is a British lacquer-cutting and mastering engineer, better known as "Porky" (as in "a Porky prime cut"), with an illustrious career including work on the catalogues of Genesis, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Whitehouse. He started his career in disc-cutting as a trainee at Apple in 1968, and his signature can be found in the deadwax/runout grooves on many rock, punk, post-punk, and new-wave records pressed in the UK. Porky often included cryptic/humorous messages in these etchings (e.g., "you'll never work again" on the A-side of The Fall - Totale's Turns (It's Now Or Never)).

Studios of his career included Apple Studios (late 1960's), Master Room (early 1970's), I.B.C. Studios/Portland Studios (1974 to 1984), and Porky's Mastering (since 1984).
Do not add a studio unless it is explicitly credited on the release and, or the runouts (e.g., "Primed at Porkys").

Add "Lacquer Cut By - Porky (5)" (Do not add "A Porky Prime Cut" as an ANV.)

Aliases:George Peckham, Woai-Note
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