Technossomy as reviewed by maroko

November 29, 2007
I just happen to adore Technossomy! This legendary duo hails from England and consists (used to consist) of two members: James Monro, one of the owners and co-originators of the uber legendary Flying Rhino Records, and Matt Evans. Together, they crafted some of the most synth heavy, groovy, mystical, psychedelic and wicked old school goa trance around, and then some! Though at times they get sort of overlooked, their status as the pioneers and founders of the goa trance genre is undeniable today. What makes their legacy even greater, and their music even more valuable in my ears is the fact they stopped making music together all the way back in 1997. Basically, everything they recorded in a two year period, starting with their classic "The Pyramid EP" from 1995 on Flying Rhino Records all the way to their debut, and so far the only, 1997 album, "Synthetic Flesh", I find to be exceptionally marvellous, and in a league of their own. The melodies they conveyed were memorable, really old schoolish and rich in texture and note patterns, and when combined with some strong, head-on psychedelia Technossomy would often employ on their tracks, the outcome was spectacular. There is not a single track of theirs that would leave a dance floor feel neglected or not filled to maximum capacity! Melodic, yes, but hell of a distance from being cheesy or fluffy, back then these guys really produced some of the best contemporary psychedelic dance orientated music. I won't even rant about how sorry I am that we won't hear a new track from them ever again, because the material they left behind is timeless, and has aged just well enough to provide maximum listening experience alike for newcomers eager to taste some of the former masters' specialties, and the nostalgic old school heads.

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January 26, 2019
Some DJ at a Boiler Room Techno party live streaming on YouTube just played Pyramid. I don't know if she was even born when that came out. Amazing!