New Birth


New Birth is an American funk and R&B band formed in Detroit, Michigan by former Motown songwriters and producers Vernon Bullock and Harvey Fuqua and music industry veteran Tony Churchill.

New Birth was originally culled from several groups; The Nite-Liters, a quartet of male singers named the Now Sounds, a quartet of female voices named Mint Juleps (2), and later members of Love, Peace & Happiness. Over time various members of these groups became just one comprehensive group, The New Birth. The name stood for a new sound and a new beginning. , Wikipedia , Who Sampled , All Music
Aliases:The Nite-Liters
Members:Allen Frey, Austin Lander, Carl McDaniel, Charles Hearndon, Earl McDaniel, James Baker, Jerry Bell, Leroy Taylor (5), Leslie Wilson, Londee Wiggins, Melvin Wilson, Nate Neblett, Robert Jackson (8), Robin Russell (2), Slim (25), Tanita Gaines, Tony Churchill
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