Tears from the mouth, aggressive and sharp like glass, is the phrase that comes to mind when asked to describe Downfind. For you, I'll be a little more specific. With the expression of pain, sadness and anger Downfind is a mix of the new school metal of Spineshank, the unforgettable lyrics of Korn and the hard core edge of Mudvayne. In the year of 1996, Downfind started as the pursuit of expression by two people that bumped into each other at a job they both started the same day. Shane Kreuscher vocals, and Brian Tipton guitar, had both struggled in previous musical outbursts, but due to the lack of dedication of others they had fallen short several times. As just a singer and a guitarist they knew they were limited, still they couldn't pass up the chance of this possibly being what they were looking for. In the beginning Shane and Brian's musical style went towards industrial metal. They played several shows as a two piece with a drum machine and a keyboard for samples. A small following started to build, and although the industrial thing wasn't doing too bad, Shane and Brian both wanted the traditional band effect of live instruments. So they hooked up with a bassist and drummer that had been around the music block a couple of times and seemed eager to try something new. During that time they picked up Micah, Shane's brother, as second vocalist and wrote several songs, including a song called Downfind, which would later become their band name. It seemed that the doors Micah opened when he joined had a negative effect on the bassist and drummer who eventually left the band, "I guess trying something new wasn't their cup of tea". Well, Shane, Brian and Micah got right to the hard work of searching for new band mates. Brian called Charlie Spencer, a drummer they met at one of their previous shows. Charlie was very adamant about them getting rid of their existing drummer and giving him a chance. Things like that you don't forget. Charlie brought two friends he had been in bands with before, a bassist named John Becker, and a guitarist named Jeremy Eagon. After that everything fell together. From a two piece to a six piece, they dropped all ties to anything they had done prior and started from scratch. With influences like Tool, Biohazard, Korn, Incubus, Cypress Hill and Deftones, this would be a big challenge and a new beginning for six people. The one major thing that everybody in the band had in common was at one point in their lives they all had a hard time fitting in or just getting the attention of someone they loved. So after much thought and several other names they decided to name the band Downfind, and although people often ask what Downfind means, listening to the songs helps define the name better than any defintion ever could. At the end of their third year, Downfind realized they had an ever growing local following that needed to be fed. So Downfind went right for the full length. They spent roughly six months in the studio and recorded their self released Debut Album "Stop The Silence". No demo would have fed this crowd. They needed at least nine tracks to listen to and that's what they got. The goals are simple. Expressing themselves and relating to others is the reason Downfind writes their music. To me that's the definition of rockstars.


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