Dean Dennis

Real Name:Dean Martin Dennis

Owner of Out To Lunch Recordings
Dean Martin Dennis was born in Sheffield during the 1960’s. His musical high jinks started at a very early age, charming his proud parents with the rhythms he made with his rattle. Their pride changed to concern as young Dean’s need for music grew and the rumpus resonating from the family home began to disturb the neighbours. His anxious parents decided to guide Dean’s talent towards the work of God. In preparation Dean was given a guitar and sent for some strict instruction. Dean started to perform every Sunday when he would enthrall the congregation of his parent’s church with his version of “He’s Coming Down”.
One Sabbath Dean cast away his Sunday suit, clad himself in jeans and sent a wave of panic through his father’s flock as he started pounding out ska riffs. Disappointment was added to his father’s dismay as it dawned on him that his progeny would never be the next Chuck Berry. Caught between his father’s accusing frowns and the dread another guitar lesson playing “Greensleeves” Dean freed himself through the ritualistic burning of his guitar.
Inspired by Bootsy Collins the electric bass became Dean’s favoured instrument of musicality. Dean formed his first band in 1980. After tiring of performing Jazz Funk to confused groups of steel workers he auditioned for Clock DVA. Though still a teenager he was welcomed by Paul Browse, Nick Sanderson, John Valentine Carruthers and Adi Newton.
Dean’s dream of joining the circus had at last been realised as the group toured America & Europe & UK promoting Advantage. In Paris the regular post-performance custard-pie fight got a little out of hand and the group decided to disband. John left to join Siouxsie & the Banshees while Dean, Paul, Nick & Adi were joined by Bob Baker and the brothers Heppinstal working as the experimental collective The Anti Group.
In 1985, eager for new adventures, Dean & Nick joined the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet for the Wild Weed tour. This was to be a punishing year of broken down buses, sweltering heat and alcohol abuse, peppered with hysterical laughter.
Whilst still hung over from the tour Dean received messages suggesting that the time was ripe for Clock DVA to reform. Dean, Paul and Adi intrigued by the potential of all things electronic, and guided by the spirits of the machine started to work in a new direction spawning The Act, Sound Mirror, The Hacker and the album Buried Dreams. In parallel DVA’s experimental alter-ego The Anti Group generated Big Sex II & Broadcast Test. Following the release of Buried Dreams Paul left for Berlin. Bob Baker joined DVA as a third conspirator.
By the time he’d completed what was to be his favourite Clock DVA album - Man Amplified - Dean had become weary of three card tricks. Packing his bags he said goodbye to the circus. He sought a new type of act bringing together a collective of Sheffield magician’s including Robert Gordon, Kenric Clarke & DJ Mink. With Dean at the helm they created Industrial Cosmetics and Macula Orange released as Sector projects.
During the next four years Dean’s quest for knowledge took him beyond the realms of sound: studying media & film at university. But he remained haunted by noisy technogeists and in 2000 began to work in feverish isolation. The next Sector album, The Yellow Room was released by New York label Instinct/ Shadow records in 2002. At the same time DJ AdamX put out Morpheus a 12’ Vinyl on his Sonic Groove label.
Dean is now working as Nohno and collaborating with his partner, artist & film maker Jose. , ,
In Groups:Clock DVA, Fun Frequency, Kibuka, Nohno, Sector
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