Anton Bruckner

Real Name:Josef Anton Bruckner

Austrian organist and composer, born September 4, 1824, in Ansfelden, died October 11, 1896, in Vienna.
In 1855 he began to seriously study music in Vienna and graduated in 1861 at the age of 37.
It was only at 40 that he began to devote himself seriously to composition.
since 1868 he has taught organ and counterpoint at the conservatory of Wien, meanwhile, he makes himself known as an organ concert player.
His work was initially appreciated only by a small circle of admirers, only after his death, his great symphonic-choral compositions began to find acclaim and enthusiastic admirers in Europe and around the world.
Josef Anton Bruckner best known for his symphonies, masses, Te Deum and motets. His symphonies are considered emblematic of the final stage of Austro-German Romanticism because of their rich harmonic language, strongly polyphonic character, and considerable length. Bruckner's compositions helped to define contemporary musical radicalism, owing to their dissonances, unprepared modulations, and roving harmonies. , Wikipedia , , , , Imdb ,
In Groups:St. Florianer Sängerknaben
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