Brian M. Clark

Brian Clark

Real Name:Brian Matthew Clark

Records as Brian M. Clark and under the moniker Unborn Ghost. Composed and performed the title music to the film Nixing the Twist, directed by Frank Kelly Rich. Appears on Giddle & Boyd's Going Steady With Peggy Moffit EP and Ralph Gean's Multicolored Jam / Sea of Heartbreak single. Owns and operates the record label Discriminate Audio. Has produced "best of" compilations by Ralph Gean, Little Fyodor, and Chthonic Force; all released through Discriminate Audio. Has designed album art for Chthonic Force, Giddle & Boyd, and other Discriminate Audio releases. Has authored liner notes for NON and Ralph Gean "best of" retrospective anthologies.

For the classical viola player, please use Brian Clarke (3).
For the classical liner notes author, please use Brian Clark (11). , ,
In Groups:Unborn Ghost


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