DJ Falcon

Real Name:
Stéphane Quême
Before producing on Roulé he worked in A&R department at Virgin. In 1999 he released his first EP (on Roulé) and produced a remix of Cassius's "La Mouche" which is an all-time classic now.
One year later, he started working with Thomas Bangalter on a track called "Together". Two years later, the second release "So Much Love To Give" of the duo appeared, which also remained the last release of DJ Falcon for a very long time.
After 10 years of releasing nothing, DJ Falcon finally made a comeback in 2012 with several remixes such as Justice (3)' "New Lands", Alex Gopher's "Hello Inc." and Alan Braxe's "Time Machine".
In 2013 he reunited with Thomas Bangalter to release the track "Contact" on the Daft Punk album "Random Access Memories" together with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

Brother of Delphine Quême (Quartet) and Cousin of Alain Quême (Alan Braxe).
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December 14, 2010
Even though this guy has only done about 7 or so tracks, he's one of my favorite artists. Debuting on Roule with Hello My Name is DJ Falcon, you can tell that he's got a real feel for the repetitive loops of French House Music. This guy is a legends amongst legends, and it's no surprise that he's related to Alan Braxe as well. And then you've got Together and So Much Love to Give, so epic. But then he decides to release no more, going back into the obscurity from where he came more or less.

But he still tours! His live sets are also really well-crafted Abelton mash-ups that throw any kind of music he can get his hands on, from French House classics to Ghetto House, Electro House, Top 40 Rap hits, newer stuff from Kitsune and Ed Banger records, and even the most random of 70s and 80s number one hits, such as Video Killed the Radio Star and Nothing from Nothing.

This guy is a legend, and always will be. Long Live DJ Falcon!

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