Real Name:
Nikola Ćosić
Bvana aka Bvana Iz Lagune is an mc from Belgrade, Serbia. He started his hip-hop career in 2000 with LNG (Little Nasty Gremlins) , they lasted for a whole year and disbanded in 2001. Also he was in a hip-hop group with Seven and Struka, called Suppa House which made two unreleased albums. Bvana’s first solo album Ko je krao jogurt? was recorded in 2004., only thing left to be done was production, but Bvana left the country and lived abroad in California till 2008. Album was to be released on Škabo’s label Mag Media, which did a pre-release of the album in 2006 in a very limited quantity, but the official release was never done due to label going defunct. In 2007. he released his debut album again for Rap Cartel/Take It Or Leave It Records. It was named “Ko je krao jogurt?”(Who Stole The Yogurt?) Bvana is a frequent collaborator with Bad Copy (Ajs Nigrutin, Wikluh Sky, Timjah), Prti Bee Gee, Seven and many other Serbian mc-s. 2009. saw the release of his second album Na nivou prosechne cigle (On the level of an average brick). Video for single ’Magla’ from Ajs and Bvana’s collaboration album Fujznem Džigili, was released in summer of 2009. Fujznem Džigili should be released in September 2009. for Multimedia Records. Bvana’s next project is a compilation album titled ’Tamna Strana Fanka’, which will feature Prti Bee Gee, MC Monogamija, Bauk Squad.
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