M. Keijser

Real Name:
Michel F.W. Keijser
Dutch DJ & producer of techno. CO-founder of technolabel Search in the nineties together with Jeroen Schrijvershof. In 1996 Michel & Jeroen started their own minimal techno-label named "Search" as a sublabel of Basic Beat Records in Rotterdam.
Together they released several tracks on the label, but after a while Michel and Jeroen choose their own direction. While Jeroen sticked to the label and later became a well known techno producer under the alias Jeroen Search, Michel stayed out of the scene for a couple of years. After he became father his love for techno still burns inside a he picked up the production work again.
Now Michel is busy producing techno again and is trying to find his own style.
Also he has started to DJ again as a resident DJ at the new Matriks concept in the home town of Jeroen Search and his good buddy Marcel Rutte (also know as Vaale). Listen to Michel's latest mixes on soundcloud or mixcloud or find him on the next Matriks episode in Bergen op Zoom
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Michel F.W. Keijser - Freight album art Jeroen & Michel Jeroen & Michel - Freight Search Netherlands 1997 Sell This Version