Bob James as reviewed by professormouse

August 21, 2020
edited 9 months ago
I read an article not so long ago about someone who did a track known as the 'DNA of Hip-Hop',
and it was this guy.
If this is elevator music then.
Where do you apply to be the door operator ?

Bob James notec

November 14, 2019
edited 11 months ago
cliched in his approach to jazz, jazz fusion, "smooth jazz" razamanaz or whatever elevator/dentist office you may hear this in....

Bob James REENO

March 11, 2021
I never understood criticism of mellow funk or any mellow music. The musicianship is here, and that is ALL that matters.

Bob James dylaf

September 14, 2020
That's harsh; although from 'One' to 'BJ4', and 'Heads', I can see how you draw that conclusion. I think you are getting at the lighter and playful/melodic tracks & sections that are scattered throughout these LP's, in addition to the breaks, fills & intense moments that attracted the sample spotters. But it was the same for Quincy Jones, Grover Washington, Dave Grusin etc, all also responsible for some top class 'complex' structures, as well as the lighter stuff. Don't miss the broader picture, I'm more abstract/fusion driven in general, but respect Bob James like no other as I get the times & what he was doing/the constraints of the market back then. Dig a little deeper, maybe...

Bob James Bongorobot

May 21, 2020
One of the most sampled artists ever, must be doing something right!!

Bob James 4MC

April 3, 2020
It's worth remembering that around the time Bob joined Creed Taylor and started down this path with Don Sebesky, jazz musicians were finding it harder and harder to make a living. Electric instruments were on their way in, and rock was taking over. You could fill an arena for a night and earn more than a jazz musician could in a year. It had to commercialize and become more popular, how many Miles Davis style musicians would the market tolerate.

You don't have to like their music, but you have to admit, they helped a corre of really great jazz musicians make thee transition and earn a living.

Bob James lottie17

January 2, 2020
This is not your kind of music - clearly you are either young or just don't like jazz fusion, as you are entitled. But if you have nothing good or constructive to say it is better to say nothing (and keep your opinion to yourself) than to call it names. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it tripe. Bob James is one of the long time greats who can still fill a dance floor - this track does - and we have spent many happy hours dancing to his music and that of others like him in my youth, and still do to this day. Let us who love it enjoy in peace!

Bob James as reviewed by Bourbonman

December 18, 2008
Bob James is great. You should pick up all his albums from the 70's. Proper Jazz Fusion blended with funk.
He has been sampled by millions of house artists. Especially the track "Take Me To Mardi Gras". But he might be most known for his track Nautilus which was redone by Nuyorican Soul aka Masters At Work for their 1996 album.
It is a lot of gold to choose from, and some of it can work dance-floors. So if funk is your thing, Bob James discography is worth a peek in. To me personally he is a legend.

Bob James 4MC

April 3, 2020
Not just that, Bob also thought for the rights to payments and royalties for those he played, with not just sampling in hip-hop that came later. He took legal action against Creed Taylor in the mid-70's... few know that. I'll be writing some of that up over the summer on


February 14, 2019
You are right but it's all about the musicians he chose to play with him. Stacked with musicians at their Zenith! :)