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Danish new wave band (1977-1985) from Aarhus, instrumental in bringing industrial new Wave to Danmark. Founded 1977 by Lars Hug (Lars Haagensen - later Lars H.U.G.), Jens Valo (Jens Danielsen) and Johnny Voss (Johannes E. Møller). Soon drummer Anders Brill (Anders Gilberg) joined the band. Kliche gave their first concert on May 5th, 1978 at Vestergade 58 in Århus. In 1980 they released their fist album "Supertanker", which gave the band a hit with "Militskvinder". The song lyrics are originally by the chinese leader Chairman Mao Zedong.
Shortly after the release Valo left the band and was replaced by Steffen Brandt (Later to front tv-2), who in 1981 was replaced by Nils Torp (Later to found Souvenirs).
In October 1982 Kliche (Now spelled Kliché) released the album "Okay Okay Boys" recorded with a mobile unit at Svinkløv Badehotel. In 1985, while working on their 3rd album, the band was officially dissolved. Later that year Lars H.U.G. released his first of a string of succesful albums..
In 2006 the "Supertanker" album - much to Lars H.U.G.'s dismay - was marked as part of "Kulturkanonen" (a official list of essential Danish cultural heritage set a ship by the liberal/conservative government).
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