Dementia Precox

Experimental, Industrial Noise band from Dayton, Ohio. Dementia Precox was formed on January 12, 1980 by Gyn Cameron and Rodger Revlon. By September of that year, they released their first cassette product, The Not So Hidden Persuaders. Soon after, the duo recruited two more members, Max Noise and Troy Boyahue, of the local band, The Occupants. Along with their fifth member Syd (a wax dummy head), the new line-up went into the studio and recorded four tracks: "Mines", "Dead On 2 Legs Luncheonette", "Hours", and "Car Pools Save Gas". The former two were released as a two track single in March of 1981. During the next few months, co-founder Rodger Revlon left the band and was replaced by David Paul. By September of 1982, Dementia Precox had completed a mini lp, SCHP, which aquired international attention for the band. In 1983, the band relocated to San Francisco, California but broke up by the end of the year. The band would eventually revive and relocate back back to Dayton, Ohio with two members of the former line-up, Gyn Cameron and Max Noise, along with two new members, Dennis Schlichter and Pam Adams. In 1986, Gyn Cameron totally revamped the band by incorporating computer based sequencing technology and a powerful, new analog synthesizer called the Oberheim Matrix 12 into the 'Dementia' sound. He also rebuilt the band from the ground up by recruiting new guitarist, Eric Purtle, and new metal percussionist/synthesist, Royse Robbins. This new direction landed Dementia's sound somewhere between the Industrial dance sound of WaxTrax! Records and New Wave Gothic Pop. Hints of vintage SPK were also present. Dementia Precox as a band officially broke up in January 1990, almost ten years to the date of it's inception. Gyn Cameron, however, continued to work solo on Dementia Precox material by providing soundtracks for theatre and a film called Emma And Elvis. In 1993, he released a 12" single on the New Worlds Records label entitled, "Dirty Naked & Wet". In the Spring of 1995, Dementia Precox played a reunion concert in Dayton, Ohio with the original 1986 line-up of Gyn Cameron, Eric Purtle, and Royse Robbins. The band continued to play concerts for the next year and then faded away once more. In October of 2007, Dementia Precox returned one last time with the highly anticipated line-up from 1981: Gyn Cameron, Rodger Revlon, Max Noise, and Troy Boyahue. Also recruited for the line-up were previous guitarist, Eric Purtle, and a drummer, Jason Himes. The original, reformed Dementia Precox, who had not played together on stage since 1982, performed live in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 26, 2007 to a crowd of adoring fans. On October 31, 2007, Dementia Precox played their final concert in Dayton, Ohio. Soon after, the band split up and stated that they will not be reforming. On September 24, 2011, Gyn Cameron died taking with him the soul and vision of Dementia Precox. His genius will be sorely missed.

Gyn Cameron: voice, synthesizers, micromoog, sequencers, guitar, metal percussion, trumpet, tapes, rhythm machines, prepared piano (1980-2007)
Rodger Revlon: metal percussion, saxophone, voice, tapes, guitar, synthesizer (1980-1982, 2007)
Max "Noise" Nye: guitar, bass, metal percussion (1980-1986, 2007)
Troy "Boyahue" Green: bass, guitar, metal percussion (1980-1983, 2007)
Syd: (1980-1982)
David Paul: synthesizers, sequencers, synth/metal percussion, vocoder (1982-1984)
Greg Stout: drums (1984)
Ed Lacy: synthesizer, metal percussion (1984)
Dennis Schlichter: bass (1985-1986)
Pam Adams: synthesizer, metal percussion (1984-1986)
Eric Purtle: guitar, saxophone, voice (1986-1989, 1995, 2007)
Royse Robbins: synthesizer, synth/metal percussion, voice (1986-1988, 1989-1990, 1995-1996)
Kim Williams: metal percussion (1986-1988)
Luther Lindenschmidt: metal percussion, drums, dumbek (1985, 1988-1989)
Nick Kizirnis: guitar, steel guitar (1989-1990, 1995-1996)
Jason Himes: drums (2007)
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HCO 1a, 01 Dementia Precox - The Not-So-Hidden Persuaders... album art Dementia Precox The Not-So-Hidden Persuaders...(Cass, Album, Ltd, C60) Hospital Records (2), Prehensile Records HCO 1a, 01 US 1980 Sell This Version
211003 X Dementia Precox - SCHP album art Dementia Precox SCHP(LP, MiniAlbum) Prehensile Records 211003 X US 1982 Sell This Version
Dementia Precox - Of Parts Unknown... album art Dementia Precox Of Parts Unknown... (Album) Prehensile Records US 1985 Sell This Version
Dementia Precox - Huh? album art Dementia Precox Huh? (Album) Prehensile Records US 1986 Sell This Version
07 Dementia Precox Face(Cass, Album) Prehensile Records 07 US 1988 Sell This Version
25423 Dementia Precox - Huh? & Then Some... album art Dementia Precox Huh? & Then Some...(CDr, Album, Ltd) Prehensile Records 25423 US 2006 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

HDO 5 Dementia Precox - Dead On 2 Legs Luncheonette album art Dementia Precox Dead On 2 Legs Luncheonette(7", Single) Hospital Records (2) HDO 5 US 1981 Sell This Version
TECH 700 Dementia Precox - Dirty Naked & Wet album art Dementia Precox Dirty Naked & Wet(12") New Worlds Records TECH 700 US 1993 Sell This Version
6976 Dementia Precox - Worxout album art Dementia Precox Worxout(12", Pin) New Worlds Records 6976 US 1995 Sell This Version


72688 Dementia Precox - Virgins album art Dementia Precox Virgins(CDr, Comp, Ltd) Prehensile Records 72688 US 2006 Sell This Version


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February 23, 2014
I remember speaking to Gyn Cameron back in 2007. He told me in 2008 he was going to release a Dementia Precox album called, "Analysis In Wonderland", which was going to be a compilation of unreleased studio tracks from 1986 - 1993. Unfortunately, the album never got released.

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