Peter Paul Pigmans

Real Name:Peter-Paul Pigmans

Peter-Paul Pigmans (aka 3 Steps Ahead), one of the biggest names in the hardcore scene, began his career in 1993 when his first productions appeared on Rave Records and Hard Stuff Records under the names The Illegal Alien and Silverbells. Later in 1994 he was asked by ID&T to produce for their label. He selected a new name, 3 Steps Ahead, for productions together with Rob Fabrie (DJ Waxweazle) and Ed Bout (Holographic). The cooperation never took off and Rob and Peter-Paul created only two records together, titled ‘Step 1’ and ‘Step2’. They decided Peter-Paul would continue with the new name and Rob and Ed went their separate ways.

The biggest hit was Drop It, the first solo CD—single by 3 Steps Ahead. Before this, Peter-Paul created the megamix for Thunderdome VI, the Hardcore-Sex mix, also released on CD-single. In 1997 he released his first album, titled ‘Most Wanted & Mad’, which became a huge success in the Dutch Album sales charts. His second album ‘Junkie 4 life’, was released in 2000, a few months after he was diagnosed with cancer.

In 1998 his daughter, Lara Jill, was born in January. His son, Ender Jamie, was born almost at the end of 2000, one of the last Millennium babies. Ender has been named after ‘Ender Wiggins’, a character in the book Ender’s game by Orson Scott Card. Peter-Paul used this same character as an inspiration for his alter ego The Ender.

Peter-Paul died on the 27th of august 2003, after fighting against cancer for 4 years. In July 2003 there was a benefit party for Peter-Paul, the money raised there couldn’t help cure him, but part of it was used to make his last weeks as comfortable as possible.

R.I.P. Peter-Paul Pigmans
31-01-1961 / 27-08-2003 , Wikipedia , MySpace
Aliases:3 Steps Ahead, Bug Slowbizy, Pedro Terzero, Silverbells, The Ender, The Illegal Alien
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