Real Name:
James Timothy Holland, Jr.
American MC and one of the eight co-founders of Anticon. Born in Portland, Maine in 1977, Sole put out his first demo in 1992, at age 15, and founded the label 45Below

In 1998, Sole co-founded Anticon Records with The Pedestrian, Alias (3), Dose One, Yoni Wolf, Jel, Odd Nosdam and Baillie Parker.

In 2010, Sole pulled his catalogue from Anticon and left the label, giving up his stake in the business. He founded Black Canyon Music as an umbrella imprint for his self-released music.

Sole has been a member of the groups Northern Exposure (2) (with Cuz The Highlander, 1994-5), Live Poets (with Cuz The Highlander & JD Walker, 1995-6), Deep Puddle Dynamics (with Alias, Doseone & Slug, 1998-9), Babylonians (with Pedestrian, 2001), Stuffed Animals (with Circus, Doseone, Pedestrian & Yoni Wolf, 2000-1), So Called Artists (with Alias & DJ Mayonnaise, 2000-1), Sole And The Skyrider Band (with Skyrider, 2006-present), and Waco Boyz (with Bleubird & K-the-I???, 2012). (Apr 2014)