Real Name:
Marcus Wayne Aureli
Circus is a blur of Krylon stained free-verse, conspiracy theories, and socio-political insight. The Los Angeles-based emcee/visual artist became part of the famed graffiti crew CBS in the early '90s, and was soon inducted into the first incarnation of the hiphop supergroup The Shapeshifters. Known for spinning tales of cavemen, primates, and aliens, he'll even drop the occasional Jane's Addiction cover just to make sure you're paying attention. His work has earned him massive coverage in Vice, URB, Thrasher, Life Sucks Die, and countless others. An engaging live performance is all but expected from Circus. He's rocked stages at home and abroad, from Compton to Cologne, leaving audiences moved and left struggling to figure out what they'd just been a part of.


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November 21, 2008
Not everyone's cup of tea, but I for one am a fan of his rambling, inebriated, monotonous delivery. The guy is simply having a ball chatting bollocks about alien abductions, conspiracy theories and Star Wars of course. He's an instrumental and fundamental part of one of the greatest hip hop crew's (big up the Shape Shifters) ever to roam the earth and a perfect ringmaster in his Circus of hip hop weirdness and sci-fi goofballery. Gawd bless the faceless coward!

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