Carl Crack

Real Name:
Carl Böhm
Carl Crack (born Carl Böhm, May 5, 1971 in Swaziland – died September 6, 2001) was a Berlin-based techno artist best known for his membership in the digital hardcore band Atari Teenage Riot from 1992 to 2000.

From DHR site:
Around 1992 Carl was finding little of interest in the then music scene, he thought the Beatnigs, (The original vehicle for social and political critic Michael Franti later of the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and Spearhead), were one of the few significant bands around. Along with the other members of Atari Teenage Riot he was looking for a new direction. Most other German groups were copying already existing styles and there was little or no originality.

Carl initially had a big influence on ATR’s style, particularly on the first two albums where he developed an MC style which owed less to the U.S. than his own imagination. He also had his own musical ideas that could not be expressed within the confines of a group.

Carl's only solo release was 1998's “Black Ark”(DHR LTD 005) is, as its name suggests, heavily influenced by dub and in particular Lee Perry. Adding hip-hop to the beats and taking ideas from Japanese noise to create atmosphere, Carl created the sound of the city that owed a debt to John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme.” Intending it to be heard as a single piece of music, he paints the coldness, the sense of isolation and depression that can exist even in the most crowded places.

Carl deconstructs the influences of early hip-hop, old school electronic, 808 rhythms and explorations into pure noise and combines it with sampled political statements and his own poetry to create a new experimental musical context which illustrates the tensions he finds in today’s society.

After the heavy touring to promote ATR’s third set, “Sixty Second Wipe Out,” the members of the group commenced work on follow ups to their various solo projects.

Carl was working on a new record as well as performing with a variety of other artists when he was found dead in his apartment on September 6th 2001. He was 30 years old.
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none Carl Crack - Bass Terror album art DJ Moonraker & MC Carl Crack* DJ Moonraker & MC Carl Crack* - Bass Terror(Cass, Ltd, Mixed, C60) Midi War none Germany 1995 Sell This Version
DHR LTD 005 Carl Crack - Black Ark album art Carl Crack Black Ark (Album) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) DHR LTD 005 UK 1998 Sell This Version

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none Carl Crack - Lion MC / Dance The Monkey album art Carl Crack Lion MC / Dance The Monkey(Cass, Mixed, C60) Midi War none Germany 1995 Sell This Version


none Carl Crack - Bass Terror On Kiss FM - Radio Massive 95 album art Alec Empire & MC Carl Crack* Alec Empire & MC Carl Crack* - Bass Terror On Kiss FM - Radio Massive 95(Cass, Ltd, Mixed) Midi War none Germany 1995 Sell This Version


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December 18, 2002
"...He was not only a vocalist with a very unique style, he also recorded one of the deepest instrumental albums I know: “The Black Ark E.P.” It was his decision. I just wish we had talked in person one more time, even though we cleared things in the letters. I will miss him. Carl, we'll never forget you.” /Alec Empire

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