The Brothers Four


An American folk group founded in 1957 in Seattle, Washington. Bob Flick, John Paine, Mike Kirkland, and Dick Foley met at the University of Washington.

Highlights from their career include: having their 2nd single released in January 1960, "Greenfields," hit #2 on the pop charts, and their first album, Brothers Four, make the top 20; having their 4th single, "The Green Leaves of Summer," from the John Wayne movie The Alamo, nominated for an Academy Award and performing the song at the 1961 Academy Awards; and having their 2nd album, "BMOC/Best Music On/Off Campus", go top 10. They also recorded the theme song for the ABC television series Hootenanny, "Hootenanny Saturday Night," in 1963.

The Brothers Four continue to tour and perform across America performing as part of the "This Land is Your Land" live all-star folk concert tour, inspired by the PBS TV Folk Music Special.

Mike Kirkland (tenor, guitar, banjo) 1957-1968
Dick Foley (baritone, guitar) 1957-1991
John Paine (baritone, guitar) 1957-2004
Bob Flick (baritone, bass, upright bass, acoustic bass) 1957-1972, returned in 1975-current
Mark Pearson 1969-1971, returned in 1989-current
Bob Haworth 1971-1989
Tom Coe 1972-1974
Terry Lauber 1991-2004
Mike McCoy 2004-current
John Hylton 2004-2008
Karl Olsen 2008-current
Members:Bob Flick, Bob Haworth, Dick Foley, John Hylton (2), John Paine (2), Mark Pearson, Mike Kirkland (2), Mike McCoy (10), Terry Lauber
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