Young Holt Unlimited

Real Name:Young-Holt Unlimited

American jazz group with soulful leanings from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Formed in 1966 as Young Holt Trio, they released an album as Young / Holt in 1967, and then finally renamed themselves (The) Young-Holt Unlimited in 1967. "Soulful Strut" was their biggest hit in late 1968, reaching the top 5 in several countries. They also were the in-house band for Brunswick records, much like the Funk Brothers were for Motown. They used their backing music and instrumentation of Soulful Strut for Barbara Acklin's 45rpm recording of "Am I The Same Girl" and can be heard on other early Chi-Lites Recordings.

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Members:Eldee Young, Red Holt, William Denham
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